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Kidney Injury Assay Kits

Kidney disease is a significant cause of morbidity worldwide and is associated with tremendous economic burden. Consequently, increased efforts to investigate and address causes and
treatments have been prioritized. Accordingly, research tools for investigating kidney injury are required to better understand the underlying etiology leading to loss of kidney function.
Arbor Assays provides tools to measure the status and activity of important kidney injury and disease biomarkers. For example, our urea nitrogen and creatinine assay kits help researchers answer key questions about conditions associated with kidney disease and treatment.

Kidney Injury Assay Kits - All Products

Arg8-Vasopressin (AVP) ELISA Kit

  • Measure AVP in mammals, Arg-Vasotocin in birds & reptiles
  • Liquid extraction reagent included
  • Measure < 4 pg/mL

Creatinine, Serum Detection Kits

  • Kinetic measurement in 30 minutes
  • N-Cal kit, NIST - calibrated Standard
  • 96 well and 384 format
  • Hemoglobin High Sensitivity

Colorimetric Detection Kits

  • 30 minute measurement
  • Sensitive to < 0.06 μg/mL
  • Detects the active form of porphyrin ring of Hemoglobin