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Recombinant Proteins

The recombinant protein is basically used for the pharmaceutical products which are based on proteins- based polymers for drug delivery, enzymes and antibodies for disease treatment. It is made up of cloned DNA sequences which usually encode an enzyme to perform a function. Recombinant protein are made through geneticengineering which are sometime called as gene splicing. Coli BL21 is the most used recombinant protein production because B produce proteases, achieve higher biomass yields and produce less acetate than E.

Recombinant Protein are purified by binding to a metal ion with the help of IMAC (immobilized metal ion chromatography) method. Recombinant DNA technology has the important role in the production of vaccines and proteins therapies which are human insulin and human growth hormones. It is used for producing the clotting factors for treatment of haemophilia.