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Volume & Normalization Assay Kits

Biomarker analysis often requires sample normalization to resolve variability indirectly associated with analytes of interest. Aqueous samples, like urine, often have inconsistent dilution profiles that impact the accuracy of biomarker measurement. Normalization provides a baseline measurement which can be used to correct for sample volume discrepancies, or other common sources of variability.
Arbor Assays offers a variety of innovative normalization assays. For example, our creatinine and hemoglobin assay kits are ideal for the routine normalization of biomarker measurements in urine and serum samples.

Volume & Normalization Assay Kits - All Products

Hemoglobin High Sensitivity Colorimetric Detection Kits

  • 30 minute measurement
  • Sensitive to < 0.06 μg/mL
  • Detects the active form of porphyrin ring of Hemoglobin

Hemoglobin Colorimetric Detection Kits

  • Measures all forms of hemoglobin
  • Uses safe single reaction solution
  • Normalizes blood samples to hemoglobin

Creatinine Urinary Detection Kit

  • Urinary volume marker
  • N-Cal Kit, NIST-Calibrated Standard
  • Liquid 4°C Stable Reagents