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Oxidative Stress Assay Kits

Oxidative stress is broadly defined as an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), or free
radicals, and their elimination by cellular antioxidant defenses. The consequences of uncontrolled oxidative stress can
lead to oxidative damage to biomolecules critical to cellular structure and function.1,2
Fortunately, powerful oxidative stress response mechanisms have evolved to protect organisms from the damaging
effects of oxidative pressure in biological systems. However, uncontrolled oxidative stress is implicated in a wide variety
of pathophysiology and age-related diseases, and understanding the role of oxidative stress in health and disease is a
common goal of many biomedical research programs.3
Arbor Assays provides tools to measure the status and activity of key oxidative stress biomarkers. For example, our
glutathione and hydrogen peroxide assay kits are the easiest, most sensitive assay kits available to help researchers to
better monitor oxidative stress mechanisms and responses.

Oxidative Stress Assay Kits - All Products

DNA Damage ELISA Kit

  • Most sensitive, down to 51 pg/mL
  • Measures oxidized guanosine
  • Ready to use 4°C stable reagents

Glutathione Detection Kits

  • Fluorescent measurement of reduced and total in same well
  • Colorimetric measurement of oxidized and total separately
  • Answer in 30 minutes or less
  • 96 well, 384 well, cuvette options

2’,3’-Cyclic GAMP ELISA Kits

  • World’s first Cyclic GAMP kit
  • 96 well and 384 well kits
  • Measure 2 fmol

3’,3’-Cyclic GAMP ELISA Kits

  • First of its kind to measure bacterial cGAMP
  • Minimal cross reactivity
  • Results in less than 2 hours