Lampire Covid-19 Antibodies

LAMPIRE has added COVID-19 Recombinant Proteins and RNA Lysis Buffer to their product portfolio. These SARS CoV-2 components include Trimeric Full-Length Spike, S1 Glycoproteins, Nucleocapsid, Receptor Binding Domain and ACE2 Proteins. These proteins are AVAILABLE NOW for Research Use Only. Count on LAMPIRE as your critical research partner in the fight against COVID-19. Please inquire for additional LAMPIRE products and services related to research for the pandemic. 

Cat Product
7580001 Covid-19 ACE2 Protein
7580004 Covid-19 Nucleocapsid Protein
7580003 Covid-19 Spike Protein Receptor Binding Domain
7580002 Covid-19 Spike S1 Glycoprotein
7580000 Covid-19 Trimetric Full-Length Spike Protein