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Western Blot

A western blot is a laboratory method to detect the protein molecules which is mizture of proteins.The western blot or blotting used in a technique of analytical of molecular biology and immunogenetics to detect specific proteins from a specific tissue of homogenate. It is gone through the gel electrophoresis which is undergoes to a deanaturation proteins. It is worked when the mixtures of proteins is separted by a molecular weight through gel electrophoresis. These result in the membrane of producing a band of each protein. Western blot is a reliable quantitative method only if sample properties and integrity antibody meets to the target proteins. The primary antibpdy recognize and binds the epitope and secondary antibodies used for western blotting which are conjucted with the enzymes. The most common enzymes are Horse Radish Peroxidase(HRP) and Alkaline Phosphatase(AP).