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Pharmaceutical Gels are semi solid system in which there is interaction either physical or covalent between collodiacal particles within a liquid vehicle.The Gels have criteria in which the Gel term represents a physical state with properties intermediate between those of solids and liquid.They also exhibit the mehanical charaterstics of the solid state.

The Gels are classified into 2 ways in which first ways are on the basis of continuous phase and other is on the basis of nature of bond involved in 3 dimensional solid network.Gels has many types in which on continuous phase it's are classified on organogels, hydrogels and xerogels.And on the basis of nature of bond involved 3 dimensional solid network which is dispersed solid and hydrophilic polymers.

There is 3 method of formulation which includes cold method ,fusion method and dispersion method.The Gels preparation involves by directing hydrating inorganic material in water.