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An enzymes is a substance which have catalyst in living organisms and regulating the rate at which the chemical reaction proceed without itself without being altered in the process.It work by binding to reactant molecule and holding in such a way that the chemical bond breaking and bond forming processes take place more rapidly.

Enzymes are protein chemical which have ectra energy factor needed for chemical action and reaction occurred in body.The 1300 approx enzymes are found in human body. It has specific function in our body like working to breakdown food and causing chemical function.Its work consistently till it dissolved or denatured.As a matter of fact human body would not exist without enzymes because the chemical reaction requires to maintain the body.The biological processes which occurred in all living organisms are chemical reaction and all are regulated by enzymes.The presence of inhibiting molecules and factors including substrate concentration are the enzyme activity.Enzymes affect every function of body from breathing to digesting.