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A substance which is used as a chemical reaction or it is a test reactions occurs. A reagents is to measure the chemical substance is present or not because reagents is the components or a mixture. A chemical reagents works like a detectives which charged and point out the other substance in chemical reactions. For making a reagents the equal number of volumes solutions A and B use immediately and then it is used as a reagents.1.5g of ferric chloride and 2.0g of potassium thiocynate in 100 ml water to dissolve after that make saturated solution in 50% ethnol.

The reagents take action when solvents involved in the reaction which are usually called reactants but catalysts are not consumed with the reactions hence they are not reactants. Iodine is not soluble in water therefore the iodine reagents is made in dissolving the water with a helps of potassium iodide.