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Elisa Kits

We can term as Elisa kit on enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.Its a designed technique for detecting and quantifying the soluble substances. Such as peptides,proteins,antibodies and hormones.Its is used in laboratory test to detect antibodies in the blood. A techniques which is used for the antibody elisa that the agents of a sample are get touch in an animal with a certain virus. The elisa relies on antibodies to detect the antigen using highly specific antibody antigens which immobilized to a solid surface. It can be detecting and quantifying soluble substances such as peptides, proteins and hormones.

Elisa kits are quick convenient and accurate research tools .It has pre coated plate with captures or detection antibodies,strands,buffers and acceaserory reagents.These kits are used to detect hundreds of differnt proteins and molecules.for infectious diseases.The Elisa is divided into 4 major parts direct,indirect,sandwitch and competitive.The Elisa test take place 20 to 50 minute approx.The Elisa latest may be used to diagnose HIV which causes AIDS.Its sensitive because of detection method.i.e using antibody and visual detection.